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BREAKING: Bill Clinton Love Child Danney Williams Found Dead – Cause Of Death Is Suspicious

Danney Williams, the 1990’s child of Bill Clinton and a black prostitute, was found dead in his garage this morning of what looks like suicide. Williams was in his car with the windows open in a closed garage. The car had apparently run out of gas as the coroner says he was dead for weeks before he was discovered.

The local sheriff has ruled the case a suicide after finding no signs of foul play or forced entry. A typed suicide note was found at the scene that just said, “Tell my mom I’m sorry.” That note, which had no fingerprints on it whatsoever, was the one thing the sheriff did say that made the case a little bit suspicious:

We’re not ruling anything out yet. The cause of death has been noted but there will be a full investigation. As you may know, DNA evidence showed that Mr. Clinton wasn’t Danney’s father, but those results are questionable and will be revisited now that the case involves the death of someone close to the Clintons. That seems to happen an awful lot.

The sheriff says if there is a link found that Bill Clinton would be a major suspect who would have some tough questions to answer. Danney’s mother has been detained and put into protective custody for her own well-being.


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  1. I strongly feel the Clintons murder or had this child killed, its what they best is, destroy people that get in there way. I pray that the Clintons do NOT get away with this.. If that child typed that letter his finger prints would be on that paper!!!!… YES its very fishy..

    • I love Danny, admire him greatly and always felt nervous about his well being. I remember him saying that many people had warned him and told him to leave the Clintons alone for fear of what will happen to him. And, it happened. What a wretched world we living in!

  2. I am not saying this is true for sure or not true?? I also would not trust Snopes for political type questions , it is partially run/owned by Soro’s and other crooks like him. I found this out last year while the election was going strong. Just ask Snopes anything political and you will get a Dem’s heavenly reply. Anyway I tried this last year and it is correct, so believe they would be useless in this situation. I would feel bad , really bad if this is truth. I just watched a video 2 nights ago where Danny is not giving up on wanting answers from his father, they were making a documentary about him too besides the YouTube where he tries to speak to Bill Clinton, hoping this new video would get back to him.. He has a family of his own, I believe I saw 2 children, boy and girl where he was taking them to church. He said he had asked Bill Clinton by trying to get in touch with him by email and other ways to ask him to have a paternity test done to no avail. Danny had also gotten to the door of the Clinton property before the gates closed yrs ago, I believe it was in Ark. before Bill Clinton lived in the W/H and Hilary answered the door. He told her who he was, she already knew or had heard of him and cussed at him out telling him to get the hell off the property, don’t ever come back which he did as didn’t want to get in trouble with the law. Anyway it’s on YouTube if you just punch in his name and y’all can read it for yourselves. After reading this news tho (if true) I am going back to read again, I mean to see his video again b/c I would like to know how recent that video is. I am hoping this is not true he does appear to be a lovely young man and oh boy does he ever look like Bill Clinton. Danny said when he looks in the mirror he can see Bill Clinton staring back at him only difference is B. Clinton is a white man. Many high school friends told him he looked like Clinton when most didn’t know his life story so he eventually told ppl he was Bill’s son. So word spread of Danny’s existence when he was a young boy. The Clinton’s know all about Danny Williams. The only thing that I find questionable is how they say he was dead for weeks before being found. I question where were his children? This young man had an aunt he was very close too and appeared to have friends. What took so long to find him. Were they looking for him? Lots of questions here if this is true.

  3. Sounds like Hillary is busy again. I wounder if she will go after Monica Lewinski’s son David ( Billy Bob’s son) . I really don’t know what is if anything true here but…..I would love to see Monica sue Clinton’s pants off! Humble them a bit!

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