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BREAKING: Raid Overnight Just Confirmed Liberals’ Worst Nightmare

BREAKING: Raid Overnight Just Confirmed Liberals’ Worst Nightmare
Hurricane Maria devastated and almost completely wiped out Puerto Rico last year, and the fight of getting supplies to the people has raged on ever since. The Puerto Rican Mayor has literally stood in front of supplies provided by the U.S. and stated that Trump isn’t helping at all while wearing freshly printed shirts and hats. The left seems to be so blind that believing her lies while looking at the very supplies she claims to not have is a new level in complete mental illness and ignorance, and they are still chewing on that false piece of fat.Sadly for the people of Puerto Rico, many of which still don’t have water or power, their liberal officials have taken a stand to resist Trump that is so hateful that the federal government is now refusing to work with them. However, a recent raid type of action by FEMA agents with armed security have found that all of the supplies are there and were in fact being hidden from the citizens. This is far worse than simple political posturing of democratic officials; this is wanton and intentional abuse and neglect of the very people they are sworn to help!According to The Federalist Papers:

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