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BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Just Had A Federal Judge Issue An Order To Exhume A Body

For the first time in history, a US Congressman has asked that a body be exhumed in connection with an investigation by a House intelligence committee. Judge Harmon Watson agreed to issue the order for a work crew in Fairfax, Virginia to exhume the body of Vince Foster for an autopsy.

The order came just minutes after evidence turned up in the case of a murdered reporter who had an “if anything ever happens to me” letter delivered to his publication that implicated Hillary Clinton in a 23-year-old crime, which put it right around the time of Foster’s supposed “suicide.”

Foster’s body has already been removed from the ground and is currently being transferred to the Naval Hospital in Norfolk to undergo an autopsy to look for a very specific cause of death. That information is being kept a closely guarded secret for now by Gowdy and the other federal prosecutors since only the killer would know.

It looks like things may be coming to a head for Hillary Clinton at long last.


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  1. Its about time.How many people have to die that was connected to her in some way. There are probably a whole lot more if you would just look. Instead of being influenced by or bought by the Clintons. Do your Job.

    • u have that oh so right fran,,theres a whole bunch of people that died for husband and her ,,all seems easy to connect but nobody ever does alot of them are way to young to die,,,and that supreme court judge who died ,,,bullshit he was killed was not one thing wrong with him no sickness,,even funnier had no doctors look at him after death,,more bullshit..

  2. She is guilty and she needs to hang from the highest fucking Tree in Washington DC she’s nothing but a murderer and a corrupt and Obama was right there with her

  3. Snopes claims this story is fake news, but makes no mention about the murder of a Washington Examiner reporter who allegedly left a letter to the editor of the paper in case anything happened to him. This is what is supposed to trigger the exhumation request.

    • snopes has been snoped…..snopes is a leftard sight…and bais as all get out……i dont take snopes word for nothing!!!

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