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Gennifer Flowers Secretly Smuggled Into Capitol To Testify For Gowdy Committee

The woman who nearly took down Bill Clinton with a scandal of her own and by talking Monica Lewinski into going public, Gennifer Flowers, was taken — in secret — to a closed session of the Congressional Committee To Convict Clinton. LLOD’s own Skip Tetheluda was there and actually got a minute alone with Flowers while using the bathroom identifying as female:

Gennifer had very little to say about her actual testimony but seemed very pleased that she could ‘help take down that bitch.’ She said that she wasn’t being paid to appear, though she was flown in on a US Marshals Gulfstream and put up at the new Trump Hotel on the government’s dime.

Flowers could only be testifying about ethics violations that would have ended in 1998 when she was shunned from Washington and moved to Minneapolis to pursue a career on the Professional Bull Riding Tour.

Gowdy’s office hasn’t commented on anything other than a short statement:

Ms. Flowers’ testimony was confidential and flagged top secret. Her appearance was meant to be sans-publicity. It is very irresponsible of Mr. Tetheluda and Last Line of Defense for breaking this story without first consulting us.

Sorry, Trey, but the American people have a right to know what goes on everywhere in this country except the Oval Office. We have a duty to the citizens!

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  1. You do have a duty to the American people, but seems like everytime they have someone who can testify against the Clintons, they end up murdered or missing, so you can see their concern for you jepordizing this ladies life, possibly others………..We want the Clintons held accountable for their crimes, and we don’t need the media impeding it……….

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