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UPDATE: Grand Juror Who Leaked Clinton Info Found Dead

As you have probably heard, one of the grand jurors in the Mueller investigation leaked one of the names on the sealed indictments handed down so far in the Russia probe: Roger Clinton Jr., half-brother of Bill.

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The woman, whose name we now know is Caroline Dans La Ville from Baltimore, reportedly texted her nephew excitedly when the grand jury voted unanimously to indict Clinton for his involvement in a company that was lobbying for increased foreign aid to the Ukraine. If convicted, Fox News says Clinton could face up to 25 years in prison for making undisclosed millions from secret deals with foreign powers. Hours later, she went missing on her way home. The Washington Tribune reports:

Dans La Ville took a bus to 2nd Street, where she began her usual walk to her second-floor apartment on nearby Kruger Ave. Street cameras captured her rounding the corner, but she never arrived home according to a police report filed by her two children.

Hours later, she was found in the bushes with her throat slit.

According to D.C. Sheriff Bob Halley, it is still unclear if she was the victim of a random mugging or if the attack was targeted.

No suspects are in custody, and area police are urging residents to use caution when traveling.

This is what happens when you expose the Clinton family. You turn up dead. Yet another body has been added to Hillary and Bill’s pile.

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