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During a live interview on Fox and Friends Thursday morning, Senator John McCain stunned the hosts with the bombshell that he’s leaving the Republican party. After being asked if he was still skeptical of President Trump, McCain said:

I am and always will be opposed to Donald trump. In fact, I’ve decided that any party that supports him supports the worst America has to offer. For that reason, I’m leaving the GOP and caucusing as an Independent with the Democrats.

Steve Doocy, who was visibly shaken, told McCain he was committing political suicide. McCain just laughed. He then took off his microphone and ended the interview.

This is bad news for the party since the gap to retake the senate just became a little bit smaller. On the other hand, is it better to know your enemies rather than continue to pretend they’re on your side? Probably.


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  1. If I were living in Az- I would start a recall for breach of contract. He was voted in as a republican to support republican principles. By switching partys he has not fullfilled his promise to represent the ideals of the people who voted him in. However that said, as far as I am concerned he has always been a rino.

    • I agree they voted for a republican therefore he needs to resign so Arizona can have another election and let him run as an independent. See if he still retains his seat. After all a lot of people vote straight republican or democrat so their now cheated.

    • BynI am an resident of AZ and didn’t vote for him. Would h a vent been a we hole different outcome if he h ad dec k a red this before the e lection. Will be interesting to follow.

      • I think it was only illegal votes that re-elected him. Our county with few illegals rejected this fraud and voted in Arpaio….

    • Glad he’s going. I’m beginning to think the two party system is coming to an end, but i’ll never believe this Dem party of today belongs in our government. They all swear to uphold our Constitutional Laws & they’re not doing it. I’ll bet many of the Dems couldn’t pass a Security Test by the FBI! The MSM is now a political force & they got tv, radio, & newspapers to which are all now political tools out to destroy America. The Democrat Socialist are not the same party JFK had when he put a man on the moon & Obama put a man in the ladies bathroom. They used to stick up for the working man in America & since Bill Clinton they’re out selling America’s Manufacturing jobs away to foreign countries. The moral decay of American politics started 24 yrs ago. Campaign Funding is no more then Bribery in America. When it cost big bucks for a politicians to run a campaign ad on tv, radio or newspapers it cost big time. Look at who has got most of the control in the MSM, Socialist. Politicians will sell their soul to the devil to stay in office, to lucrative of a government job to lose. That’s why many flip flop on issues, Hillary being the worst ever. The way America is headed, I think states will go to war with each other over many issues in society. California is a good example of how not to run a state with Liberal ideology.

    • John McCain was a Democrat if memory serves me correctly! He turned Republican only because the Blue Hairs in Youngtown and Sun City asked him to!
      Now, the next step in that little saga will be whether or not McCain will remain an American!
      My bet is that he’ll join whomever he feels will pay him the most. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him join one of those muslim “rebel’ groups he likes so much in Syria!

    • He must be recalled. He was never a decent senator for Arizona and now he is the other party. Get him the heck out of that State.

  2. I’m glad to get rid of him he has done noting for the growth of America, at least this time the world can see his betrayal and how much of a coward he always was been even when he was suppose to be such a war hero. The one thing I embarrassed about is that he is the Senator of my state, course I didn’t know that when I just moved here. He won’t be getting my vote and I’ll be doing everything I can to get others to do the same. If he’s calling it quits now then he is on the run, he must think that he scammed off enough out of the people when he was with Obama, so now he’s backing away slowly, hoping that no one notices just how deep he was in on all of this bad part of the American history. He has gotten away with so much already and has been behind the entire cover-up of Obama and his fraudulent rise to power. I Trey & Jason can make something stick on this old fuck before he sneak off into obscurity to live off the money of the tax payers he sold out.

  3. This if it is true is actually great news. John McCain is a globalist and a traitor to the Constitution United States he’s been getting us and unjust Wars is he is a warmonger. The problem with Trump is now he’s letting the establishment and the neocons take over his presidency. There are many people in Washington DC who should be going to jail for treason he should be at the top of the list along with Lindsey Graham and many others.


  5. John McCain has never been a traditionalist, and it is okay to change political parties while turning your back on those who voted for you. The voters voted for you as the person he is as much as (at least I hope) for his political party.
    I believe so much in his right to do this, I keep praying Sen Casey of PA will change his party to be in alignment with those values he claims to have.
    Finally, if we continue this continental divide among the parties, we may just as well invite the military to have its takeover at this time rather than waste energy waiting for what others might think is the right moment.
    I am a traditionalist, but I am disgusted on the divide and the party-line voting on almost all areas.

    • Sam, face it! The ONLY one McCain is looking out for is himself! Just as soon as someone in the Democratic Party refuses to play the game HIS way, he will either run back to the Republicans or will join one of the “rebel” groups in Syria—he has certainly amassed enough money to be quite a good friend to one of them!

      You say you back his right to “change parties,” but is he really changing parties, or just hanging on the fringes as an Independent to cause trouble for both parties. Don’t forget what he did as a POW–its a wonder ANY of those men came back after being exposed to his evil! He’s a full-fledged traitor by any description, add to that a massive dose of PTSD and pure insanity, and we have a powder keg ready to blow!

      I, too, am disgusted and tired of the two party system, but I feel it is a much more preferable method than having ONE party or so many the process loses all credibility! This has been my 14th Presidential Election, and, frankly, the most disgusting, dishonest, discouraging, despicable election ever—even beating the ballot box thefts of the 1960 Election, or the lying, sneaky, rat-faced 1964 Election! The Actions of the Democratic Party using thuggery, murder, lies, cheating, and other crappy methods really finished me on that party, and the Establishment RINOS, of which McCain was among the leaders, along with the current back-biting, lying, out-and-out traitorous actions of many of the American people toward a man who didn’t HAVE to step up to be counted, has really soured me on the Republicans as well! This was the last election in which this family voted Republican, ending a tradition that started in 1860! Now, we will go Independent or Nationalist—whichever is the best for us!

  6. He is doing the same now as he did with his fellow patriots in the North Vietnamesse prison…left them out to dry…fook him

  7. Good for you John, the best thing you could have done before he drags you into his circle of people going to prison. We welcome you with open arms.

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