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OFFICIAL TALLY: 14 Bodies Recovered In Barrels Buried On Clinton Estate

The official number of bodies recovered from the Clinton estate in upstate New York is 14, says Quantico’s Chief Medical Examiner:

We have found, altogether, the complete remains of 14 human beings, all believed to be female in their late teens through early 20s. It looks like the most recent was reported missing in 2005. That number includes the three women recovered last night. Their torsos were in one of the other barrels. Not all 14 have been identified yet.

LOTF correspondent on the scene Anatata Fukkuhiro says that no cameras or interviews are being allowed but that she can clearly see the Clintons still sitting calmly on their front porch in rocking chairs:

It’s like they’re taunting the FBI. They just sit there, having told the FBI they won’t be answering any questions until the recovery is complete and they can meet in a neutral location. It doesn’t seem like they have anything to worry about.

Clinton spokesman Christopher Blair told us:

Of course they’re not worried, you nitwits. You fell for this same shtick last time. Were you not paying attention when they discovered a serial killer who lived next door until a year or two ago? They might be thinking HE would be the obvious choice if you had to point fingers. Try not to be so stupid.

He may be the reason the Clintons aren’t worried but the rest of us know they are far more dangerous than a guy who was caught killing a few people a bunch of years ago. Of course, the Clintons should be the first suspect.

UPDATE: At Least 2 Of The 14 Bodies Buried On Clinton Estate Have Definite Ties To Bill Clinton


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  1. If this is true I for one am not surprised!!! Do not ever forget Bengazi, she killed the one n only eye witness to her secret gun smuggling ôperation in Bengazi!!! Where Christopher Stevens one mother’s soon of her love died baby being raped over n over baby Islamic creeps, a cattle prouder to his groin for hours, n torched all over his body for 7horrible unbelievable hours while Klry n Obama watched ignoring over 600pleas for help n n telling those who could have been there n stopped this in 15minutes to “STAND DOWN” because they didn’t know how long this would take…..let me finish this sentence….to kill Christopher Stevens n leave the laying impression on all people’s everywhere ” do not mess with the Clinton’s!!! If u didn’t hear that maybe one way our the other they r in ur pockets or u r cowards!!!
    Think of all the people that have all been associate’s off the Clintons now dead from one bullet to the head…or in airplane crashes, car bombings etc etcetc….

  2. This is a joke right?! If it isn’t then its not the guy next door,its not him that loves young women like someone we know,but killarys part in this is fuzzy,she had to know of his trysts and probably got off seeing them doing their thing,to think all the serial killers that have killed up and down our great land,that maybe we have finally caught the two most notorious of all time and then ran our country,the amazing things we find out s time goes on!!!

  3. Even if the Clintons are somehow responsible for these murders I will bet they will never be prosecuted and sent to prison. Corruption in the government is so deep seated that there can have 100 witnesses claiming they actually saw them do it that it wouldn’t matter. They will walk free! This is the way it is!

    • Do Not Say”This is the way it is”; Clintons must be Charged, Fined & Do Time for the Crime(s) & there are plenty, dating all the way back to Arkansas!! ENUFF; BASTA!!

  4. I think the clintons are The head of the heap and until others have the guts, morals and strength of character to come forward, nothing will change. Others would have to become so upset , they would be willing to join a protection identity program, and completely change their life to clean Dantes Den Of Sin up, Do you know anyone in congress who would have the guts to do this? I don’t either. It that d is what it would take. Someone who who is infuriated with themselves and this situation and determined to do whatever it takes, to expose the people involved and clean it up!!!

  5. They still haven’t ID’d the very first corpse pulled off the premises a couple months ago (approximately 20 years old & Female)!! GUYS!! What’ve we got here?? Is it a Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde??

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