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One Of These 3 ‘Terminated’ A Pregnancy In The White House In 2014

The White House, regardless of what else it might be, is a federal building. It is run with federal funds. The doctors on staff there are admirals and generals. It is the very definition of the term “federal funding.” Under the Hyde Amendment, an abortion performed on this property would be against the law.

Medical records released by the White House show that in 2014, an abortion was billed by White House surgeon Rear Admiral Johnston Willis on a standard monthly billing statement for the amount of $675. Because it comes from the general fund, the billing is public record. The medical records, however, are not.

That means there are three possibilities as to who would have an abortion in a White House bedroom in 2014. Then there are the ethical implications. Imagine how people will react when the truth comes out. Was there a heartbeat? brain waves? Did they do the required testing and counseling? Was there a log kept for a burial?

Probably not as the occupants of the White House at the time had no respect for the life of any kind. They say freedom trump’s life. The only time freedom trump life is when you need your gun to protect yourself.

An investigation has begun to try to find out who is responsible and if any laws were broken.


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  1. well we all know Mikey(michelle as he goes by) couldn’t possibly be the one so that leaves obamas 2 adopted whores!!! e its already dropped from 3 suspects to only 2 and I wouldn’t be suprised at all if either Obama his faggot self or lil cross gender mikey were the father!!!

  2. Well we definitely know it couldn’t be “Michelle” Michael Robinson Obama. He’s not able to get pregnant!

  3. I Am Going To Take A Wild Guess, As To Who Got Pregnant And Had An Abortion.

    Malia Was Dating Someone About 2 or 3 Years Ago. But then again…
    Any boy or man would have been her sex partner, of her choice.

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