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EXCLUSIVE: Photo Of Personal Check From Obama’s Bank Account Proves He’s A Traitor

Someone who works at the National Federal Employee’s Credit Union in Washington DC has taken a great personal risk to release a picture of a check processed through the bank, written by none other than the former president and traitor to his country, Barack Hussein Obama. The check was written to “MABI,” which is the acronym for the Muslim American Brotherhood International:

Digital forensic experts have examined the image and found that it is authentic. Printed from a check writing program on a personal computer, the font, called “Segoe script” is one of Obama’s favorites and the signature is 100 percent accurate and original. The bank employee was smart to have blocked the account numbers, which keeps the image itself from being a federal crime.

Releasing the image, however, is terms for dismissal and the bank says they are looking for the perpetrator.

The group, listed by several countries as one that funds terrorism, was removed from the watch list by the Obama administration in 2009. This check doesn’t simply show a charitable donation to an organization of the “religion of peace,” it shows that Obama is a member in good standing. If this isn’t causing for congressional hearings on Obama’s treason, nothing is.


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  1. If the credit union employee is fired, he/she ought to be supported for life by grateful Conservatives nationwide. I would be one of those grateful contributors.

    • You people are gullible Kool-Aide drinking Morons, and stupid at that because you cant see that the document is FAKE. THE CHECK IS NOT DRAWN ON ANY BANK (no bank name on the check) now go look in the mirror, you see a IDIOT. cant believe people can be so dumb.

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