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BREAKING: Seth Rich’s Murderer Found…Floating In The East River

The FBI today identified the man who pulled the trigger that killed Seth Rich as 47-year-old Marcus Wallington McBride of Cambridge, Massachusetts. McBride, who has been on the FBI, NSA and Interpol watch list since his alleged involvement with arming John Hinkley with the weapon that shot Ronald Reagan.

After a good piece of intel from a Mossad agent who had infiltrated the Russians and not any kind of connection between the White House and the Kremlin, McBride was tracked to New York City where he was last seen eating a corned beef sandwich at Katz’s Deli. He disappeared while authorities were en route, which the feds thought meant he had inside info until about an hour later when McBride was pulled, face down, from the East River.

Obviously, somebody high up leaked that this man was about to be apprehended. The man who carried out Seth Rich’s kill order didn’t just suddenly decide to jump to a watery grave; he was put there. LLOD correspondent Skip Tetheluda is camped out and keeping the Obama residence in DC under surveillance and he says that all is quiet at the Deep State headquarters. The Clintons are at their compound upstate with a dinner party full of alibis.

Preliminary reports from the coroner say McBride drowned and that he was pulled out with no personal items whatsoever other than his driver’s license that was conveniently stuffed in his shirt pocket. His apartment showed signs that someone lived there but not much.

This is obviously a shady character who needed to be brought to justice, but not by being assassinated. We’re supposed to better than that.


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  1. bull shit, clintons killary squad off this guy and the world knows it. time to end this. i bet if there is major pressure put on her about everything someone will pay her a visit as well and the whistle blowing will continue till the end. up the line to obama and others higher up in the chain. keep this investagation going. there are more to be found.

  2. This does not surprise me and before it is over their will be more and I don’t care how much surveillance you put on those two they have their ass covered better than any mafia. It is a joke as to what they have gotten away with and they are still continuing in their ways. I hope when his renegade child graduates he goes back to war torn Chicago and leave Trump alone. He has done enough damage in dividing the country.

  3. First of all what makes you think that he killed Seth Rich and what is the perfect Alibis this is just another murder from The Clintons and Obama. and what a good thing the Guy was a Russian person sorry this is just a try at cover up . it don’t pass. Good try.

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