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The DEA Just Raided A United States Senator–Dems In A Panic

The DEA just raided the vacation ranch of Democrat Senator Hal Lindsay (D-NJ), seizing more than 400 marijuana plants, 2 greenhouses full of opium-producing poppies and a small lab that was pumping out massive amounts of refined, finished product. The ranch, just a few hundred miles north of anything in Wyoming, was also seized along with a fleet of automobiles, recreational vehicles and other property now considered the spoils of the drug trade.

The bust itself yielded more than $6 million in finished drugs alone, never mind the plants and raw product waiting for packaging. All in all, Senator Lindsay is looking at 70 years behind bars on the opium alone. He was taken into custody at his office in Washington DC and has since been booked and released on $10 million bail.

Lindsay’s office isn’t commenting on the ordeal but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has already called for his removal and a special election as soon as possible. The loss of yet another seat, especially in the northeast, would be devastating to the Democrats.

The DEA says their investigation isn’t over and that there are potentially more politicians involved. We’ll keep you updated.


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  1. Greed, greed, greed. It’s sickening. I hope they find alot more politicians involved so they can be removed from their jobs and put in jail. Drain that swamp. I’m disgusted that he’s from my state of N.J.

  2. Somebody has to be mistaken on this…..a Democrat would never stoop to anything illegal – like this. (Is this guy related to the Clinton’s in any way, perchance?)

  3. This would be called the ultimate side hustle…………………..I am sure that he will swear that all that money was going to be donated to the poor…………………. I hear the IRS calling wanting their cut.

    • “It’s for the children”
      Every time I hear a politician use that line I get suspicious and try to figure out what’s going on.
      That was the lie we all were fed when the states wanted to get into the lottery business.

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