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BREAKING: Trey Gowdy And Family Forced Into Protective Custody

The US Marshal’s Service was called in this morning to take over security for Trey Gowdy and his family after credible threats against him surfaced from multiple sources. Typically the job of protecting a high-ranking congressional member like Gowdy would fall to Capitol Police while he’s in Washington and local or state police when he travels to South Carolina.

The Capitol Police made a plea this morning to both the Secret Service and the Marshals when they realized there was a conspiracy to kidnap Gowdy’s family and assassinate the congressmen when he showed up with the ransom. The plan, according to FBI analysts called to help, had little to do with money and more to do with silencing a major investigative force in congress.

The Secret Service had to decline, being stretched so thin with President Trump’s large family, but the Marshals were happy to oblige. Within the hour, Gowdy’s family was safely escorted to an undisclosed location and a working apartment was set up inside the Capitol building for Gowdy so he can continue to do his job. He will also have 24-hour armed protection from federal agents, both uniformed and plain-clothed.

“The decision to stay in the Capitol was Mr. Gowdy’s,” a spokesman for the Marshals Service told NBC4, “We wanted to evacuate him but he wouldn’t go. The option for him to basically live in the building goes against standard protocol, but in this case, we felt the exception was in the best interest of the American people.”

So far, nobody has been detained and the FBI has very few leads on where to begin, according to James Comey, who can’t seem to figure out who Trey Gowdy spends most of his time investigating. “To automatically implicate Secretary Clinton or President Obama would be an overreach at this time,” he told a staffer who wishes to remain nameless.

There may not be any evidence yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar Trey Gordy will find it.


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  2. If this is true, they those who are threatening should know this. IF Anyone harms ONE hair on Mr. Gowdy or one of his family…then it’s on like Donkey Kong! There will be no holding back. And we will NOT stop until we have the Head of the Snake. Just saying.

  3. Please Lord, protect Trey Gowdy and his family. Do not let one hair on his head be harmed. Bring down those who are threatening him and his family! Expose all the corruption in D.C.

  4. James Comie is my guess! The idiot throws out Hillary and Obamas’ names and forgets that he is a very likely suspect!


  6. Look to the clintons, obummer, pelosi and all democrats! They are all so afraid that our new Adminstration will find out how crooked they truly are. AND they ARE crooked!

  7. They know they are done, Trey Gowdy is going to expose Obama and the rest of the crooks on Capital Hill. little did they know he’s been on to them since the beginning. The President and Trey will not cower to their threats. COMEY YOU BETTER DO YOUR JOB!!!

  8. I say for every conservative harmed three liberals should get the eye for an eye treatment. With their numbers dwindling you would think they’d wise up but apparently liberalism is not only a mental illness but a brain eating affliction to boot!

  9. i have a few folks in mind but the clintons have the most dead folks trail attached to them. but then again, there is a lot of corruption surfacing for a lot of these lifer politicians all the while Obutt face is trying his dammedest to destroy this country. take a pick.

  10. you can bet that if comey finds something about this threat he will cover it up like he covered everything up about kilary and Obama he knows what Hilary did that’s why he took the 5th amendment over 100 times when mr gowdy was asking him questions. I wouldn’t doubt it if he knows whos threating mr gowdy and his family. comey should be investigated.

  11. Great article. Tried to share this on twitter but twitter would not allow me to share the link. The twitter message indicated it was a spam link…lol As far as who could have sent the threats…could have been any number of people since Trey is a total bad ass. The Clintons, Obamas or someone connected to them more than likely.

  12. This is how you create the ruling class just as they did in Germany. Soon you will need papers of transport to travel between states and party affiliation will gain you rewards.

  13. Trey Gowdy is one of the few honorable, honest, highly intelligent members in our government. He cannot be “bought” like most of the others in Congress May God protect Trey and his family and lead him to a successful conclusion of any and all investigations he undertakes.
    The Clintons are rotten to the core, and need to pay for their crimes. No one should be above the law in our country, but so far the Clintons have gotten away with murder – multiple murders and suspicious gains in their notorious Clinton Foundation.

  14. You bet Trey will get to the bottom of something sooner or later, he has a hold of all these great leads that he’s pulling on and one of them is bound to let go and I’ll bet everything comes lose, although I don’t see what more they need to call a crook a crook or is it calling a Clinton a crook that scares every one? and we just have to hope it happens before the Dem/Soros NGO attack and try they’re take over. I have a feeling that this one is going to be decided by who strikes first and if we can take out a few of their enough of their key people out, when we do we might be able to slow it enough to curb some hostility, so that we might be able to let wounds heal, although the ones Hilly and Barry cut through the country were wide and deep, they also open all the old wounds they could, with{ BlackLivesMater}BLM, father against his son dying in war in Israel and {MothersAgainstCops}MAC, find and even scratching few new made up reasons why the people should be mad at the government authority. It was like they wanted to have a rowdy, unruly mob no mater who became president, but of course it would have fit right into the Dem’s point of view, for she could have called marshal law and it would have cured all her and Barry’s problems. They could take our guns away by force and shot all that complained.

    The way I saw Hillary’s campaign was as a rabble rousers trying to incite a riot, were you had Hilly, riling up mothers against cops doing their jobs when they shoot their hopped up kids committing crimes along with Barry hitting everybody with that racist card with everything that came out of his mouth was insisting that black people were any different from white or yellow. Old; Barry is one of the most racist mother fucks I’ve ever seen, next to a Panther leader and he did the same, knowing full well they were just rabble and him trying to ask the US military to not follow their new Commander and Chief was treasonous, JUST HOW MUCH INJUSTICE DOES THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE TO TAKE BEFORE SOMEONE IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THOSE CRIMES TO THE PEOPLE !

  15. There is going to be an inner civil war in this country against the Socialist and the people who love this country. They are out to destroy the United States.

  16. i bet he doesnt have to look to far,,obama soros and you know the clintons,,and everyone knows it to,,but now that they want him gone i hope to god it doesnt ever even come close to him getting hurt,,and aloso if anybody is going to find out he will god helpu my friend,,send all away forever and theres alot more than the ones i first named get them ,,,,,fucking assholes picking on the family too,,real nice…

  17. Wow. When does all this madness stop? First the so called son of Clinton, William found dead, now this. Our goverment is weak for a reason and until they get to the bottom of the Clintons and Washington’s crime, I don’t see an end to all of this madness.

  18. We all know who is at the bottom of this, to transparent, and they know their days are numbered and they are about to face judgement…………Lord we ask you to protect this honest man and his family from harm and allow him to get justice for all those who have been harmed by their acts of cowardess and Lord, you know who we mean………..It is time for them to pay up………..Amen

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