Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery: Power That Lasts

Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery: Power That Lasts

Welcome to our ⁤product review blog post, where we will be sharing our first-hand experience ​with the Duracell CR2 3V Lithium Battery. ‍As avid users‌ of electronic devices, cameras, and lighting equipment, we understand the importance‍ of having reliable ⁣power sources. That’s why we ‌were excited to put these batteries to the test, and ⁤we can confidently say that they exceeded our expectations. The Duracell CR2 ⁢Lithium Battery is not only long-lasting, but it​ also provides reliable performance for a​ wide range of high-powered devices. So, sit back, relax, and let us ⁣take you on a journey through the features and benefits of this exceptional power source.

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In our review of the Duracell CR2‍ 3V Lithium Batteries, we⁣ found that they provide reliable, long-lasting ⁢power for a wide range‍ of devices. Whether you need them ⁣for your ‍medical equipment, electronic devices,⁢ security systems, or other compatible devices, these batteries deliver exceptional performance.

One standout⁣ feature of these batteries is their guaranteed ‌10-year shelf‌ life. This means​ that ​you can store these batteries for a decade and still trust that they will be ready to use when you need them. Duracell invests in the development of safety features, and their Lithium Coin batteries, including the CR2, feature child-secure packaging. This ‍packaging makes it nearly impossible for children to open the batteries with ‌bare hands, ​providing peace of mind.

Features and Benefits

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– Reliable, long-lasting power: ⁢The ‌Duracell CR2 3V ‌Lithium Battery provides reliable performance for your specialty devices. Whether it’s a video or photo camera, lighting equipment, or any other electronic device, you can count on these batteries to deliver consistent power.
– ‌Guaranteed for 10 years in storage: Worried about having batteries ​that have lost their charge?‍ With Duracell,⁣ you ‌can ‌be confident that these batteries ⁢will ⁢be ready whenever you⁣ need them. They are guaranteed to‌ last for ⁤up to 10 years in storage, ensuring that you ⁤always⁢ have ​power​ when you need it.
– Child-secure packaging: Duracell cares about the ​safety of ‌your⁤ loved ones, especially children. That’s why their Lithium Coin batteries,⁤ including the CR2, feature child-secure packaging. This ‌innovative design makes it nearly impossible to‍ open the packaging ⁣with bare hands, ⁢providing an extra layer‌ of protection for ⁤curious⁢ little ones.

  • Wide compatibility: The Duracell‌ CR2 3V Lithium‌ Battery is designed to work with a variety of devices. Whether it’s your digital camera, lighting equipment, ⁢or other electronics,​ you⁤ can trust that these batteries are ⁢built for⁣ reliable performance across a wide⁣ range‌ of‌ high-powered devices.
  • Equivalent to popular battery types:‌ If you’re familiar with battery types⁤ such as CR17355, DLCR2, or ELCR2, you’ll be pleased to know that the CR2⁢ battery ​is equivalent to these ‌popular ⁤options.​ This means you can easily ⁤replace your⁣ existing batteries with the Duracell CR2 without worrying‌ about compatibility issues.
  • Trustworthy brand: Duracell‍ is the #1​ trusted battery ⁢brand, and ⁢for ‌good reason. From storm season to ‌medical needs to the holiday season, Duracell​ has been providing long-lasting power for a wide range of devices. When you choose Duracell, you can have peace ⁣of mind knowing that you’re‌ relying on a brand that has been trusted by millions.

Make sure you ⁢always‌ have reliable power for your specialty devices. ‍Try the Duracell CR2 3V Lithium Battery and experience its long-lasting performance. Get yours now from Amazon.com and be confident that you’ll have power when you​ need it.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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In our , we have found that ⁣the Duracell CR2 3V Lithium Battery is a reliable and long-lasting power source for a wide range of devices. Whether you need⁣ batteries for your medical equipment, electronic⁢ devices,⁣ security systems, or other compatible devices, ‍Duracell Lithium Coin batteries have got you⁣ covered. With a guarantee​ of 10 years⁣ in storage, you can trust ⁢that these batteries will be ready ⁣to use whenever you⁣ need them.

One ⁤standout feature of the Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery is its‍ child-secure packaging. Duracell understands the importance of ⁣keeping children⁢ safe, which is why they have ⁣invested ‌in developing a packaging ‌that is nearly impossible to open with ‌bare hands. This feature⁤ provides peace of mind, ​especially ‍for households ⁣with curious children.

With its high power and reliable ⁣performance, the Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery ‌is equivalent‍ to 3V CR17355, DLCR2, and​ ELCR2 battery types. This versatility makes it suitable for use in various devices such as digital ⁣cameras, lighting equipment, and other electronics. Duracell, being the #1 trusted battery brand, ensures that these batteries deliver the‍ power you need, whether ⁢it’s during storm ⁤season, for medical needs, ⁣or during the holiday season.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, reliable power⁤ source for your⁣ specialty devices, we highly recommend the ‌Duracell CR2 3V Lithium Battery.‍ Click here to get ‍yours now and experience‍ the⁤ difference⁣ that Duracell ⁤brings to your devices.‌

Customer Reviews ​Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully⁤ analyzing the ‌customer reviews for the Duracell ‌CR2 Lithium⁤ Battery, we found the following insights:

  1. “Cost effective, Duracell batteries (2/pk),⁤ excellent for alarm system elements, ‌and these batteries have ‍an ​excellent usage/life. Order‍ delivered on time, in excellent condition, and order placed where customer requested…well done!”

    This review highlights the cost-effectiveness ‌and long-lasting performance of the Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery. It ⁤also praises the timely delivery and excellent condition of the order.

  2. “Last a hunting ‍season, with the same batteries in it.‌ Range finder. See if it ‍will go for ‍2.”

    This customer review mentions the longevity⁢ of the ⁤Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery,​ as it‍ lasted an entire hunting ‍season without needing replacement.

  3. “Need new batteries for ⁣my instax and they work well! but‌ a little expensive than in store”

    While ‌these batteries are praised for their performance, it is noted that they are ‍slightly ‌more expensive compared to in-store options.

  4. “Good batt”

    A short and concise review, ‌indicating satisfaction with the battery’s performance.

  5. “This size is required for Level Smart ‌locks. Arrived quickly. It’s Duracell, ‍should have excellent shelf life⁤ and should excel compared to other battery manufacturers.”

    This review emphasizes the‍ compatibility of the Duracell CR2 ​Lithium Battery with Level ‌Smart locks,⁣ praising its quick delivery and expected superior performance compared ‌to other battery brands.

  6. “Fast delivery.,good price .!!!!!!”

    The customer commends both ⁤the fast delivery and the reasonable price of‌ the Duracell CR2 ‌Lithium Battery with‌ emphatic enthusiasm.

  7. “I needed one of these for an alarm sensor. First one lasted about 2 years and it was a Duracell. The shelf life is long enough (2031) so I’ll be able to‍ use the other one in a couple ‍of‍ years.”

    This review highlights the longevity of⁢ the Duracell CR2 ‍Lithium Battery, with one battery⁣ lasting approximately 2 years.⁣ The extended shelf ⁤life of ‌the battery also provides ‍reassurance for future usage.

  8. “Great”

    A succinct review expressing satisfaction ⁣with the product.

  9. “Good ⁤long-lasting⁤ battery.”

    This review identifies the ⁢Duracell ‍CR2 ⁤Lithium Battery as ⁢a reliable and long-lasting power source.

  10. “Entrega‍ rapida, articulo un poco caro”

    The customer acknowledges​ the fast delivery but mentions that the product is slightly expensive.

  11. “Perfect,‍ like any Duracell battery”

    This review succinctly expresses satisfaction with the Duracell⁣ CR2 Lithium Battery, comparing it​ to ‍other trusted Duracell products.

  12. “Good ⁢quality battery. Worked perfectly. I bought another brand and not so lucky.”

    The customer’s positive experience with the Duracell ⁤CR2 Lithium Battery is contrasted‌ with a less ‍fortunate experience with another ⁣brand, ⁣highlighting the good quality and flawless performance of this Duracell ‍product.

  13. “Great value and longevity for my range finder – 30%​ saving compared to retail store”

    This review ​showcases‌ the value and longevity of the Duracell ‍CR2 Lithium Battery, with the additional benefit of a 30%‍ cost-saving compared to retail store prices.

Based on the ⁢customer reviews, it is clear that the Duracell CR2⁢ Lithium Battery ‍offers cost-effectiveness, excellent ⁣usage/life,‍ and compatibility with various devices. Customers appreciate ⁣its durability, fast delivery, and the assurance of ⁣long ⁤shelf life. ​While some mention a slightly higher price‌ compared to in-store options, ‍the overall positive feedback demonstrates the superior performance and value provided ‍by this trusted Duracell battery.

Pros & Cons

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  1. Reliable and Long-Lasting ⁤Power: ⁣The Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery ‍provides​ reliable and​ long-lasting power for your specialty devices. You ⁢can trust that these batteries‍ will deliver consistent performance.
  2. 10-Year Storage Guarantee: With a guaranteed 10-year storage life, you can store these batteries in your cabinet or drawer with⁢ confidence, ⁣knowing that‌ they⁤ will still be ready to use when you need them.
  3. Wide Range of Device Compatibility: The‌ CR2 Lithium Battery is designed to work with a variety of high-powered devices such as digital ‍cameras, lighting equipment, and other electronics.‌ You can use these batteries in multiple ‍devices‍ without⁢ worrying about compatibility issues.
  4. Child-Secure⁤ Packaging: ‍Duracell invests in safety features⁤ to protect children. ‌Their Lithium⁣ Coin batteries come in child-secure packaging, making it nearly impossible ​for young children ​to ⁤open them ‌with bare hands.
  5. Trusted Brand: Duracell is the #1 trusted battery brand. Whether you need batteries for storm season, medical equipment, or holiday decorations,‍ Duracell has a strong reputation for providing​ reliable power.


  1. Slightly Higher Price: Compared to some⁤ generic battery⁤ brands, the Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery may have a slightly‍ higher ⁢price point. However, the additional cost is justified by the reliability and long-lasting performance these batteries ‌offer.
  2. Single Count Pack: This particular package includes⁤ only one⁤ battery. If you need‌ multiple batteries, ⁤you may need to purchase additional packs, which could be an inconvenience.
  3. Limited Availability: Depending on‌ your location, it⁢ may ‍be challenging to find the Duracell CR2⁤ Lithium Battery in stores.​ However, ‌you can easily purchase these batteries online from ⁣various retailers.


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Q: How long does‌ the Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery ​last?

A: The Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery is⁣ specifically designed ‍to‍ provide⁢ long-lasting power for your specialty​ devices. With its high power capacity, you can expect reliable performance that ‌will keep your​ devices running smoothly for extended ​periods.

Q: Can I store the Duracell‍ CR2 Lithium Battery for a long time?

A: Absolutely! Duracell CR2 High Power Lithium ⁣batteries ‌are guaranteed ⁣for 10 years‍ in storage. This‌ means that‍ even if you‍ don’t use them right away,⁣ you can be confident that⁣ they will be ready and​ fully charged when you need ​them.

Q: What devices are compatible with the Duracell CR2 Lithium​ Battery?

A: The Duracell CR2 3 ⁢Volt High⁤ Power​ Lithium battery is designed for⁢ use in⁤ a‌ wide range of devices.⁢ These include digital cameras, video cameras, lighting equipment, security devices, ⁤and various other electronics. Its versatility ‍makes‌ it the perfect power source for many of your daily ⁣requirements.

Q: Is⁣ the Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery a reliable choice?

A: Duracell,⁢ as the #1 trusted battery‌ brand, has built its reputation⁢ on providing ‌reliable power​ solutions.‍ The CR2 Lithium Battery is no exception. Its superior performance and long-lasting⁢ power make it a‌ dependable choice for all your ⁤power needs, ‌whether​ during ​a storm season, medical emergencies, or even during the⁤ holidays.

Q: Does the Duracell CR2 ‌Lithium Battery come with ‍any safety features?

A: Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to products that could potentially be harmful to children.⁢ Duracell understands⁢ this and has invested ‍in the development of child-secure‍ packaging. Opening it without the aid⁣ of any ⁢tools or bare hands is​ nearly impossible, ensuring that your little ones stay⁣ safe.

Q: What are the equivalent battery types for the CR2 Lithium Battery?

A: The Duracell CR2 Lithium battery is equivalent to other common battery types such as ⁣the 3V CR17355, DLCR2, ‍and ELCR2. This means that if your device⁣ requires any of these battery types, you can confidently choose the Duracell ‌CR2 as a reliable and compatible option.

Q: Can the Duracell‌ CR2 Lithium Battery be used in medical devices?

A: Yes, the Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery is suitable for use in medical devices. Its reliable ​performance and long-lasting power make it a trusted choice for medical needs, ensuring that your devices operate smoothly and consistently when it matters most.

Q:​ Can the ⁣Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery be used in lighting equipment?

A: Absolutely! The Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery is specifically designed for use in lighting equipment. Whether it’s for​ professional⁢ photography lighting or everyday household lighting needs, this battery provides the power required for optimal⁤ performance.

Q: Is the Duracell CR2 Lithium ‍Battery ‌environmentally friendly?

A: Duracell ​is committed to environmental sustainability. The CR2 ⁤Lithium Battery, like all Duracell products, adheres⁤ to the highest environmental ‌standards. When it comes time to dispose ⁢of the ​battery, please follow the proper recycling practices to ​minimize its impact on the environment.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

In conclusion, the Duracell CR2​ Lithium Battery is a ⁣reliable and long-lasting power source for a wide range of devices. Whether you need batteries for your‍ medical equipment, electronic gadgets, security systems,‌ or even ​lighting equipment,‍ these high power lithium‌ batteries are built to deliver consistent ⁤performance.

With a guarantee ⁤of ‍10 years in⁤ storage, you can trust that ‌the ‍Duracell⁤ CR2 batteries will be ready to use ⁣whenever you need them. The durability and reliability⁤ of these batteries ‍make them ideal for use in‌ various high-powered devices.

We are‌ proud to ⁤recommend Duracell as the #1 trusted⁣ battery brand. ​From ​storm season to medical emergencies to festive‍ occasions, ‌Duracell ⁣has proven time and again to be ⁤the go-to ⁤choice for ⁤powering your devices.

Not only does Duracell prioritize performance and reliability, but⁤ they also invest in the safety of⁣ their products. The child-secure packaging ​of the Duracell Lithium Coin batteries ensures that⁤ they⁣ cannot be easily opened by bare hands, providing an extra ⁤layer of​ protection.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the power ⁣that lasts.‍ Click here to get your Duracell CR2 3V Lithium Battery now and never worry about running out of power again: Duracell CR2 Lithium Battery

Remember, with Duracell, ⁣you can be confident that you will always have the reliable and long-lasting power you need for your devices.

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