Enhance Your Sound System with Monoprice Wall Mount Brackets!

Enhance Your Sound System with Monoprice Wall Mount Brackets!

Are you looking for a sleek and practical solution to mount your ‌satellite or bookshelf speakers on the wall? Look no further! We recently got our hands on the Monoprice 106839 Adjustable 33 lb. Capacity Speaker ‌Wall Mount Brackets ⁤in Black, ⁤and we are excited to share our experience with you. These brackets are⁣ not only stylish but also incredibly⁢ functional, allowing‍ you to adjust the angle of your speakers to perfection. Keep reading‍ to find out more about our thoughts on this must-have accessory for any audio setup.

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These adjustable⁢ wall mount brackets‍ from ⁣Monoprice are a great solution for mounting satellite or bookshelf speakers on the wall. With a weight capacity of 33​ lbs. per speaker, they are ideal for small speakers in ​a 5.1 system. The disc joint design with compression ​lock allows for⁤ easy⁤ tilting to achieve the perfect angle for optimal sound.

The added steel‍ security cable provides peace of mind, ensuring that your speakers stay securely in place even if the joint were to come undone during adjustment. These black brackets offer a sleek and discreet mounting option that will complement any home theater setup. Transform your listening experience with these versatile ​and reliable speaker‌ wall mounts.

Check out the Monoprice Adjustable Speaker Wall Mount Brackets on AmazonImpressive Features of the Monoprice 106839 Speaker Wall Mount ​BracketsThe Monoprice 106839 ⁤Speaker Wall Mount Brackets ‍are truly a game-changer when it comes to mounting your satellite ‌or bookshelf speakers. One of the most impressive​ features⁢ of these brackets is their adjustable disc joint⁤ design, ⁣which allows ‌for tilting to almost any angle.‍ This feature ensures that you⁤ can easily adjust the angle of ‌your speakers to get the perfect sound ​projection in any ‍room.

Additionally, the steel security cable‌ included with these brackets provides peace of mind, as it⁤ ensures that your speakers will not fall to the floor in‍ the event that the joint becomes undone during ⁢adjustment. The sleek black design of the brackets⁣ also ⁢adds a touch of elegance to any room, making them a stylish and functional addition to your home entertainment ‌setup. With‌ a weight capacity of 33 lbs. per bracket, these wall mount brackets are perfect for small satellite or bookshelf speakers. ‍Don’t miss ​out on ​the opportunity to elevate your home audio experience with the Monoprice ⁣106839 Speaker Wall Mount Brackets! Visit the link below to⁢ purchase yours today.In-depth Analysis and InsightsWhen it comes to mounting your satellite or bookshelf speakers, the Monoprice Adjustable Speaker Wall Mount Brackets⁤ are a ‌game-changer.⁤ With a sleek black design, these brackets ‌can securely hold ⁤speakers weighing up to 33 lbs each, making them ideal for small satellite or bookshelf speakers in a 5.1 system. The innovative disc joint with compression lock allows for ‌easy tilting adjustments to achieve‍ the perfect angle for⁣ optimal sound projection.

One standout feature of these brackets is the steel security cable that provides extra peace of mind​ during installation. In the unlikely event ‍that⁤ the joint were to come undone, the cable ensures that ‌your speaker won’t come crashing down to the floor. This added safety measure makes these brackets a reliable choice for anyone looking to mount⁣ their ⁢speakers securely and stylishly. Upgrade your home audio‍ setup with the Monoprice Adjustable Speaker Wall Mount Brackets today and take your sound experience to new heights!Recommendations for Optimal Use

When using these ‌adjustable⁣ wall mount brackets, it is important to ensure that they are securely installed to avoid any accidents. We recommend following these tips for optimal use:

  • Double-check the weight capacity of your speakers⁣ to ensure‍ they are compatible ⁢with the brackets
  • Use a level ⁤to‍ ensure that the brackets are installed straight on the wall
  • Adjust the angle of the brackets to achieve the perfect sound projection for your room
  • Secure ⁢the steel security ‍cable to provide extra protection for your speakers

Pros Cons
Adjustable angle for optimal sound projection May require ⁤additional tools for installation
Steel security cable for⁤ added safety Not suitable for speakers over 33 lbs.

Overall, these adjustable wall mount brackets from Monoprice⁣ are a convenient and⁤ versatile option for mounting your satellite or‍ bookshelf speakers. With the ability to adjust ⁢the angle and securely hold speakers up to ⁢33 lbs. each, they provide a practical solution for enhancing your ​audio experience. If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-install speaker mounting solution, ‍we highly recommend checking out these brackets on Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Review Summary
Review 1 Great for mounting⁢ heavy speakers to the ceiling, sturdy ⁣design with no loosening
Review 2 Heavy duty ‌brackets perfect‍ for mounting speakers to the ⁣ceiling
Review ⁤3 Sturdy built brackets, ⁤wish they came with mounting hardware
Review ⁣4 Sturdy metal brackets with security ​cord for safety
Review 5 No hardware included, but great for suspending bookshelf speakers
Review ‍6 Durable brackets for custom-built speakers, may bend at extreme angles
Review 7 Well-made mount, perfect for ceiling speaker installation
Review 8 Good quality bracket with added safety⁤ cable for speaker protection
Review 9 Excellent solid mounts, lack​ of descriptive photos

From the customer reviews⁤ we gathered, it’s clear that‌ the Monoprice Adjustable Speaker Wall Mount Brackets are popular for their sturdiness and reliability in holding speakers securely. ⁤Many users‍ found them perfect for mounting heavy speakers to​ the ceiling, while some noted ⁤the lack of included mounting hardware as a downside. However, the overall consensus is that ⁢these brackets are ‍well-built and ⁣get⁣ the job done effectively.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Easy Installation: The brackets ⁤are easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware.
2. Adjustable Angle: Allows for ⁤versatile positioning of speakers to achieve the perfect sound.
3. Secure Hold: The steel security cable ⁤ensures that the speaker stays in place.
4. Versatile: Compatible ⁢with a wide range of satellite or bookshelf speakers.
5. ​Sleek Design: The black color and minimalistic design ⁤blend well with any decor.


1. Weight ‍Limit: The ‌brackets can only hold speakers up to 33 lbs, limiting use with heavier speakers.
2. Limited Color Options: Only available in black, may not⁤ match all speaker or wall colors.
3. Price: May be⁢ considered slightly ​expensive compared to other similar products on the market.

Overall,‍ the Monoprice Adjustable ‍Speaker Wall⁢ Mount Brackets are⁢ a great choice for those looking to enhance their sound system by mounting speakers on the wall. While they have some limitations, such as‍ weight capacity and color ‍options, the ease of installation, adjustable angle, and⁢ secure hold make them a‍ solid investment for any audio setup. Q&AQ: Can these wall mount brackets hold heavy speakers?
A: These Monoprice wall mount brackets are designed to⁢ hold speakers weighing 33 lbs. ⁢or less each, so they are​ perfect‌ for ⁢small ​satellite or bookshelf speakers in a 5.1 system.

Q: Are these brackets adjustable?
A: Yes, these brackets feature a disc joint with a compression lock, allowing you to tilt⁢ your‌ speakers to almost any angle for the perfect sound projection.

Q: ⁤Do these brackets come with a security⁤ feature ‍to ⁤prevent the⁤ speakers ⁣from falling?
A: Yes, these brackets include a⁢ steel security cable to ensure that even if ⁣the joint ⁢were to come undone during‍ adjustment, your speakers will remain securely​ mounted on the wall.

Q: ‌Are these brackets easy​ to install?
A: Yes, these brackets come with all the necessary mounting ‌hardware and instructions for easy installation. You’ll have your speakers up on the wall in no time! Discover the PowerWe hope you​ enjoyed learning about how the Monoprice Adjustable Speaker Wall ‌Mount Brackets can enhance your⁢ sound system! ‌With their adjustable design and secure features, these brackets are ⁣the perfect solution for mounting your satellite or bookshelf speakers. Don’t miss out on taking your audio ‌setup to the next level ⁤- click⁤ here to get your own⁢ pair today: Get your Monoprice Wall Mount Brackets now!

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