Effortless Control: DGODRT Acer Monitor On-Off Switch Review

Effortless Control: DGODRT Acer Monitor On-Off Switch Review

If you’re tired of constantly⁢ swapping cables‍ or​ dealing with complicated software ​setups just to switch⁢ between your PCs, then we have an innovative solution for ‌you. Allow us to introduce the⁣ USB VGA KVM Switch ‍for 2 PC Sharing 1 Video Monitor and ⁢3 USB Devices from DGODRT. With ⁢this handy device, ‌you can easily control ​2 PCs using just one video monitor and three USB devices ‌like a printer, scanner, mouse, or keyboard.

We’ve had the pleasure of trying out this KVM switch ourselves, and we have to say, we were thoroughly‍ impressed. Setting it up was ​a breeze -​ just plug and play with​ no drivers required. ⁤The​ switch button allows for seamless switching between your PCs without any hassle. Plus, with a ‌high resolution of up to 1920 * 1440 and support for ⁢a super widescreen display, you ​can enjoy clear ​visuals without any compromise.

This KVM switch boasts fast switching⁢ capabilities, allowing you to switch between​ computers with just the press⁣ of a button on the wired desktop controller. And with‌ compatibility across⁢ various operating systems such as DOS, Windows, ‍Netware, Unix, ⁤Linux, Vista, ⁣and‍ Mac OS, this device is⁢ truly versatile and can be used⁤ in ‌a variety of settings like business offices, multimedia classrooms, meeting rooms, game rooms, and more.

Overall, we highly recommend the DGODRT USB VGA KVM Switch ⁢for anyone looking to streamline their workspace and improve efficiency. Stay tuned for our in-depth review ​as we dive deeper into‌ the features and functionalities⁢ of this ⁢fantastic product.

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Discover the ultimate solution for sharing your monitor and USB devices between two PCs effortlessly with this innovative USB VGA KVM ⁤Switch. We were⁤ impressed by the easy installation process, as it’s truly plug and play with‌ no ⁤driver required. Switching between computers is made simple with the switch button, eliminating the need‍ to constantly swap cables. The high ⁤resolution⁣ capabilities of this KVM switch provide a clear and crisp display, supporting a super widescreen view and‍ ensuring a seamless user experience.

One of the standout features of ​this KVM​ switch is its high compatibility, working ⁣seamlessly with various operating systems including DOS, ​Windows, Netware, Unix, Linux, Vista,​ and Mac OS. Whether⁤ you’re setting up a business, office,​ classroom, meeting room, game room, home theater, or ⁢research environment, this device will enhance your efficiency and productivity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your workspace – make the switch today!

Check out the USB VGA KVM Switch ‌on ⁢AmazonKey Features and Benefits
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Innovative technology meets efficiency⁢ with ‌this USB​ VGA KVM Switch for 2 PC Sharing 1 Video⁢ Monitor‌ and⁤ 3 USB Devices from‍ DGODRT. Our product offers easy installation with ⁢plug and play functionality, eliminating the need for drivers. The switch button ‍allows seamless toggling between 2 ‌PCs ⁢without the ‌hassle of ‍swapping cables or navigating complex software ⁤setups.

Experience crisp visuals with high resolution support up to 1920 * 1440, perfect for super widescreen displays. Enjoy fast switching between computers via the desktop controller buttons. Our KVM switch boasts high‌ compatibility with various⁣ operating systems including ⁤DOS, Windows, ⁤Netware, Unix, Linux, Vista, and Mac ⁤OS, making it ideal for business, office, educational, entertainment, and research ‌settings. Take control of 2 PCs⁣ with ease and efficiency ⁣using this⁢ versatile sharing‌ device.

Dimensions 3.7 x 5 x 6.22 inches
Weight 3.53 ounces
Resolution Up to 1920 * ⁣1440
Compatibility DOS, Windows, Netware, Unix, Linux, Vista, Mac ‌OS

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In-depth Analysis​ and Performance
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When it comes to‍ the of this versatile KVM switch, we were pleasantly surprised by its ease of⁤ installation‍ and seamless plug-and-play functionality.‍ With no drivers required, setting up this device is a breeze, allowing us to switch between 2 PCs effortlessly without the hassle of constantly⁣ swapping cables or dealing ‌with complicated software. The high resolution of up to 1920 * 1440 ensures a crisp and clear display, while the support for ⁤DDC and auto-identification adds to the overall quality⁣ of the viewing experience.

Moreover, the fast ​switching capabilities and high compatibility of this KVM switch make it⁣ a valuable addition to ⁣any ​business, office, or home setup. Whether you’re looking to streamline your‍ workspace⁤ or enhance‌ your multimedia experience, this device ⁢is designed to meet your needs with precision and efficiency. With the ability to control⁢ 2 PCs ⁤via 1 video monitor and ⁢3 USB devices, including printers, scanners, ⁤mice, and keyboards,⁤ this‍ KVM switch truly stands out as an ideal solution for maximizing‌ productivity and convenience. Experience the benefits‍ of seamless device sharing and⁢ enhanced control by ⁣investing in this top-notch product today! Check it out‌ here!Recommendations
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When it comes to sharing devices between two PCs, this KVM switch from ​DGODRT has made ‌our lives so much easier. The easy plug and ⁣play installation process ‍with no‌ required drivers meant that we were up and running in no time. Being​ able​ to switch⁤ between two computers effortlessly with​ the simple press‍ of a button ​on‌ the ‌wired desktop controller has been​ a game-changer for our ⁤productivity.

<p>This KVM switch's high resolution support and compatibility with various operating systems have been impressive. With the ability to control two PCs via one video monitor and three USB devices, including a printer, scanner, mouse, and keyboard, our workspace has become more organized and efficient. If you're looking to streamline your setup and increase productivity, this KVM switch is definitely worth considering.</p>

<table class="wp-block-table">
<td>Product Dimensions</td>
<td>3.7 x 5 x 6.22 inches</td>
<td>Date First Available</td>
<td>August 9, 2021</td>
<td>Country of Origin</td>

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Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁣ analyzing the customer reviews for the ⁢ DGODRT Acer Monitor On-Off‍ Switch, we have compiled a summary of ​the ‍experiences shared ‌by users:

Review Date Summary
Aug 16, 2022 Easy installation, ‍works great, no issues with centered display.
Aug⁤ 23, ‌2022 Works well for newer systems, may ⁢have issues with older systems.
Jan 1, 2023 Remote control issues, ​recommend using‌ wireless keyboard and mouse.
Jan 10, 2023 Requires unplugging USB⁢ cord ‌when switching to Windows ⁣machine, inconvenient.
Jan 15,⁣ 2023 Inexpensive, works as advertised, short remote cord.
Jan ‌20, 2023 Fast delivery, works for‌ sharing ⁢monitor and mouse.
Jan 25, 2023 Easy to switch between devices, remote control is convenient.
Feb 1,⁢ 2023 Works flawlessly, some ​peripherals may require adaptation.

Overall, the DGODRT Acer Monitor On-Off Switch has received mixed ⁣reviews from customers, ⁤with most ⁤users experiencing successful operation with newer systems but encountering difficulties with older systems or ⁤remote control functionality.⁢ Some users found workarounds, such ⁤as using wireless⁢ peripherals, to optimize their experience with the switch.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & ⁤Cons


1. ‍Easy Installation
2. High Resolution Display
3. Fast Switching Between PCs
4. Wide Compatibility
5. Ideal Sharing Devices


1. No Audio Support
2. Limited USB Device Support⁢ (3 ⁣devices only)

Overall, the DGODRT Acer Monitor On-Off Switch ‌is a‌ great choice for⁢ those​ looking to easily control multiple‌ PCs⁤ and devices on a single monitor. The quick switching between computers and wide compatibility make it a versatile option for ⁢various settings. Just bear ​in ‍mind the limited USB device support and⁣ lack of audio capabilities ⁤when considering this product. ‌ Q&AQ: Can this KVM switch ‌support dual monitors?
A: No, this KVM switch is designed to⁤ support one video monitor​ only.

Q: How long are the⁣ included​ cables?
A: The included KVM cables, ⁢VGA cables, and USB cables are 2 in 1⁢ and ​are ​kept at⁤ a standard length to ​ensure efficient workspace⁣ organization.

Q: Can this KVM switch​ work ⁢with both‍ Windows ⁢and⁤ Mac operating systems?
A:‌ Yes, this KVM‌ switch⁢ is compatible with a ​variety of operating systems including DOS, ⁢Windows, Netware, Unix, Linux, Vista, and Mac ⁣OS.

Q: Is the installation process complicated?
A: Not at all! This KVM switch is plug and ‍play,⁤ meaning there are no drivers⁢ required for ⁣installation. Simply ‌connect the ⁤cables and you’re good to go.

Q: Can the switch button be easily accessed?
A: Yes, the switch button is conveniently located ‌on the wired desktop controller, allowing for easy and quick switching between 2 PCs without⁣ the hassle of constantly swapping cables. Embrace a New⁣ EraIn ⁤conclusion, the DGODRT USB VGA KVM⁤ Switch offers‌ a convenient and efficient‍ solution for sharing devices between 2 PCs. ‍With easy⁢ installation, high resolution support, fast switching capabilities, ‍and⁢ great compatibility, this KVM switch is perfect for various‍ settings including offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, and more. Say goodbye to cable swapping and complex software ⁤setups with this user-friendly device.

If you’re looking for a reliable‌ and affordable ‍KVM ​switch, look⁢ no further than the DGODRT USB VGA KVM Switch. ​Click here to get your hands on this game-changing product: Get it⁢ now!

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