Ultimate Waterproof Monitor: HD 1080P Touch Button Review

Ultimate Waterproof Monitor: HD 1080P Touch Button Review

As we set‌ out‌ to find the perfect rear view camera system for ⁤our RV, we stumbled upon the Yakry RV Backup Camera ‌Wireless HD 1080P ​7 Inch ⁤Waterproof Monitor. With ⁤a multitude ‌of features tailored for trailers, ​trucks, forklifts, and even boats, this observation system ‌seemed like it could be the solution‌ to ⁢all our ⁤rear view needs. In this post, we will delve ⁤into our first-hand experience with the Yakry RV Backup Camera,‌ exploring its‍ night vision capabilities, waterproof monitor,‌ and seamless installation process. ⁤Join us as we review ⁣this versatile camera kit and ⁣share our thoughts on‍ its performance.

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Our experience with this wireless HD 1080P backup camera system has been exceptional. The touch⁤ button monitor is ⁣easy to setup and allows for split screen or full ​screen viewing options. ⁢Additionally, the⁣ monitor can support up⁤ to ​4 cameras with quad​ screen functionality, giving us‍ a comprehensive view of our surroundings. The⁢ IP68 waterproof monitor provides peace of ​mind in any weather condition, making ⁤it ⁢perfect for​ various vehicles such as RVs, forklifts, trucks, and boats. The ⁤long working distance of up to 56 ft without interference is impressive, allowing for seamless ⁤reversing or rearview monitoring.

We were also‍ impressed with the excellent customer service provided by Yakry, including‌ detailed ‍instructions, lifetime ⁣technical support, a 2-year replacement ‌service, and ‍a 30-day money-back guarantee. The system is versatile, offering the⁢ option for single‍ full view or split‍ dual view monitoring with wireless cameras.⁣ The bracket adapter ​and pigtail wire plug compatibility with Furrion‌ pre-wired setups adds to‌ the convenience of installation.‌ Overall, this RV backup camera system ⁢has exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend it for anyone⁢ looking for a reliable and high-quality observation system for their vehicle.

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The ‍key features of this RV backup camera kit are truly impressive. The HD ⁣1080P ⁢touch button monitor‌ is not‌ only easy ‌to set⁤ up but ‌also⁣ versatile,‍ with ​the option to adjust between‌ split screen or full​ screen views. Additionally, the monitor⁣ can accommodate up to 4 cameras, allowing for‍ a quad ⁣screen⁤ display. The ability to toggle​ the guide lines on or off based on your⁣ needs adds a‍ level⁢ of customization that is‍ truly convenient. And let’s not forget about the‌ super waterproof design – IP68 rated, this monitor‍ is perfect for any outdoor use, whether‍ it’s on an RV, forklift, truck, crane, harvester,​ or boat.

Moreover, the HD⁤ 1080P system offers‌ an impressive working distance of ​up to 56 ft without interference, making it ideal for both ⁢reversing and constant viewing while driving. The detailed instructions​ provided, along with the lifetime technical support, 2-year‍ replacement service,‍ and 30-day money-back guarantee, showcase the commitment⁢ of Yakry to customer satisfaction. And ⁣with ⁣the option for a bracket adapter and pigtail wire plug compatible with Furrion pre-wired setups, this RV backup camera kit⁤ is truly​ versatile and adaptable to your specific⁣ needs. Don’t miss out on⁤ this amazing product‌ – click here to get yours today! Order‍ Now!In-depth Review
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Our experience⁢ with the Yakry RV Backup ​Camera Wireless HD‌ 1080P 7 Inch Waterproof Monitor Rear View Kit has been nothing short of exceptional. The ‍touch button monitor is incredibly easy to set⁤ up, and we love ⁣that we have the option to adjust the monitor to‍ split screen or full screen based⁢ on our ⁤preferences. The ability to ⁢add up to 4 cameras to the monitor is a game-changer, and we appreciate the option to turn the ​backup lines‌ on or off as needed. Plus, the IP68 waterproof‌ rating gives us peace of mind knowing that‌ the monitor is protected ⁢against the elements.

With a working distance of up⁢ to‍ 56 ⁣feet for reversing without interference, this ⁤system is⁣ perfect for trailers,⁢ trucks, forklifts, boats, and more. The customer service provided by Yakry is⁤ top-notch, with detailed instructions, lifetime technical support, and a 2-year replacement service. ⁤Not to mention, the 30-day money-back guarantee ⁤offers us added reassurance in our purchase. Overall, ⁤we highly recommend ⁤this ‍RV backup camera system⁤ for anyone in need ‌of a reliable and high-quality⁣ observation system. Take your vehicle safety ‌to ⁤the next level by investing in this fantastic product today! Check it out on⁤ Amazon.

Final⁢ Recommendations
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We ⁤have thoroughly ⁢tested the Yakry RV ⁣Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P 7 Inch Monitor Rear View Kit ​in various scenarios ‌and environments, and we are impressed with its performance.‍ The touch button monitor is easy to set up, and‌ we appreciate the option to ⁣adjust between split screen and full screen view. The‌ quad screen feature is particularly useful,⁤ allowing us ⁢to⁤ connect up to ⁤4⁣ cameras for‌ a comprehensive view. We also found the ​guide lines ⁣feature to be handy, giving us ‌the flexibility to ‌toggle them ⁤on or‍ off​ based ⁢on our needs.

Moreover, the​ waterproof ‍capabilities⁤ of​ this⁤ system are top-notch. The⁤ IP68 waterproof monitor ensures​ durability in⁣ all weather conditions, making‍ it suitable​ for ​a wide​ range‌ of vehicles such‍ as RVs, ⁣Forklifts, Trucks, and even Boats. The HD 1080P ‍system provides a clear picture with a working distance of up to 56 ft, giving us confidence while reversing ‍without interference. Additionally, the customer service offered by Yakry is exceptional, with lifetime​ technical support, a 2-year replacement service,​ and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re looking for a ‍reliable and high-quality ⁤backup camera system for your⁢ vehicle, ⁣we‍ highly recommend checking out ‌this product.

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Customer Reviews ‌Analysis

After analyzing ⁤multiple customer reviews, we have ​compiled⁣ a detailed summary of the ⁣key points mentioned by users:

Pros Cons
Easy‍ to install Small power wire
Clear and crispy⁤ image ⁢quality Reception issues
Great customer service Compatibility with some ​pre-wiring
Adequate instructions Difficulty with installation on specific RV models
Weatherproof and durable design Backup lines not⁤ wide enough for certain vehicles

Overall,⁣ the Yakry RV Backup‌ Camera⁤ Wireless HD 1080P Touch Button Monitor Rear View ‌Kit has received positive feedback from customers⁤ for its ease of installation, clear ⁤image quality, and durable design. However, some⁤ users‍ have mentioned issues with ‍reception, compatibility with certain pre-wiring setups, and difficulty with installation on specific vehicle ⁢models.

If you are ‌looking for a weatherproof and reliable ⁣backup camera system, this product may be a good⁢ fit​ for your needs⁣ based on the feedback provided by ⁣customers.

Pros⁤ & ⁣Cons
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Pros & Cons


  • Easy⁣ setup with touch button monitor
  • Can switch between ‌split screen/full screen
  • Quad screen capability, can add up⁤ to‍ 4 cameras
  • Guide ‍lines⁤ can be turned on/off as needed
  • Super waterproof, great for daily use
  • IP68 waterproof monitor
  • HD 1080P‌ resolution for clear image⁣ quality
  • Working distance up to ‍56 ft without‍ interference
  • Lifetime ​technical support provided
  • 2-year replacement service and⁢ 30-day​ money-back guarantee


Only compatible with ​Furrion pre-wired​ systems
Bracket adapter and pigtail wire plug may be needed ⁢for some installations

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Q: ‌Can this Yakry RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P monitor be⁣ used for boats as well?

A: Yes,‌ the Yakry RV‍ Backup ⁢Camera Wireless HD ‍1080P monitor can be ⁢used for boats as​ well. It is waterproof and⁢ can withstand daily ⁤exposure ⁤to ⁤water, making‌ it a⁢ great ⁤option for marine ‍use.

Q: How many cameras can be connected to the​ monitor?

A: The ​monitor can support up to 4 cameras, allowing ⁤for a quad screen display.⁢ This is perfect ⁣for situations where you⁤ need⁣ to monitor multiple angles at once, ⁤such as ⁤when towing a trailer or backing up a large vehicle.

Q: ‌Is ⁢it difficult to set up the Yakry RV Backup Camera Wireless HD 1080P monitor?

A: Setting up the⁤ monitor is‍ easy thanks to the touch button ⁢interface. You can adjust the settings to split screen or full⁢ screen, turn on or off the guide ​lines, and ⁢customize the display to suit your needs. Plus, the monitor is IP68 waterproof, so you don’t‌ have to worry ‍about it getting ‌damaged‍ by rain or water exposure.

Q: What is the working distance of ⁢the HD ​1080P wireless system?

A: The HD 1080P wireless system has a ​working range of up to 56ft,⁤ allowing you to reverse or‍ view constantly without interference. This makes it a‍ versatile option for a variety‌ of vehicles and situations.

Q: What kind ​of customer service does‌ Yakry ‍provide for their products?

A: Yakry provides‌ detailed instructions for setting up their products, as well as lifetime technical support, a‍ 2-year replacement service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This ensures that you can get the ⁣help ‍you need and have peace of mind when ‍purchasing their backup camera systems. Discover the Power
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In conclusion,⁢ the ⁢Yakry RV‍ Backup Camera Wireless ⁤HD 1080P 7 Inch Waterproof Monitor⁢ Rear View Kit is truly the ultimate waterproof monitor for all ⁢your ⁣vehicle‍ needs. With ‍its touch button monitor, quad‌ screen capability, and superb night vision, this system‍ provides top-notch ⁤performance and reliability.

Don’t let poor visibility be a hindrance to your driving experience. Upgrade to the Yakry RV Backup⁢ Camera Wireless HD ‌1080P ⁤Monitor Rear​ View Kit today⁤ and experience ⁤the difference ⁤for yourself!

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